Thanks for visiting HereComesTheSunBlog.com.  My name is Matt and I created this website because I was getting frustrated with looking for honest reviews of products I was interested in.  Some reviews you find at big sites like Amazon are people who were given the product for free for an “honest” review.  All I wanted was to read the opinion of someone like me who was looking for the best product at the best price.


After having kids this need became more important and I just found myself buying things and returning them until I found something I was happy with.  So one day I said to myself, “Why not share your experiences with everyone to maybe save someone the headache of making a bad purchase?”   This is why I started HereComesTheSunBlog.com.  Since I do have kids a lot of my reviews are products I purchase for them.  Whether it is diapers, clothes, or toys I still buy multiple things and keep the best one.  Sometimes there are multiple good products so it boils down to my preference but I will always lay out why I came to my final decision.

Now, where’s the fun in writing only about kids products as a middle aged man?  I do have other hobbies and I am a proud homeowner so the product reviews are endless.  I hope to start including reviews about power tools, computers and video games (yes I cant let go), landscaping, pool products, and anything else I buy.  I will always be honest with my reviews and you can trust that it is coming from someone just like you; a middle class parent just looking to be smart with their money.  You wont find 100% negative reviews on my website as I don’t just buy products blindly.  Each product I buy I do some basic research to avoid something that is completely useless.

I really hope you find the website interesting and useful.  I’m by no means a professional at this so you will see some mistakes here and there but thats what I feel is the appeal.  You can check out my first two product reviews which I wrote over the course of a few months.  The first is the finding the Best Overnight Diapers to keep your little ones sleeping through the night and the second is finding the Best Diaper Pail for those dirty diapers.