Simplehuman Q Liner Alternative – Poly America Husky HK18XDS050W 18 Gallon

An inexpensive bag that fits Simplehuman Q sized pails.

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Simplehuman Q Liner Alternative

When we purchase garbage bags, whether it be for our kitchen our outdoor yard work, we usually go to the store and look for the cheapest bags available. This makes sense because garbage bags are literally throwing money in the garbage. But sometimes the cheapest garbage bags aren’t necessarily the right choice. The one thing you can learn rather quickly is that thin garbage bags will just require you to buy thicker, more expensive bags to throw those thin bags away in.

Now for some of us that have purchased Simplehuman garbage cans found out rather quickly that these garbage pails are the most durable and longest lasting in the industry. They are quite expensive but my kitchen garbage pail, which is Simplehuman, has lasted for over 8 years of hard use and two kids. It’s still working exactly as the day I bought it. It was pretty expensive but in the long run you will spend less on the better quality product than buying cheaper garbage pails that last only a few years.

But the downside to this amazing garbage pail? They want you to buy their own branded garbage bags…….and they’re expensive. I’m not one to shy away from spending more money on something if the quality is that much better than the competitors. But I don’t like to spend more money on something because there isn’t another product available to work with one that I own. So needless to say I made it my mission to find a garbage bag that would fit my Simplehuman garbage pail which required “Q” size bags.

Of course the pail isn’t a standard size as the pail is a rectangle size and pretty large. So buying certain size bags might fit inside the pail the bag wont wrap around the top rim to hold itself in place. Now before I go further, the Simple Human Q bags are very good bags and you can get them cheap but you will need to spend $150 or $85 to buy them in bulk. I prefer to buy the bags as I go. Who wants to buy 240 or 600 garbage bags that only fit one garbage pail? Yes the Simplehuman garbage pails last a long time but I’m not investing big money into my garbage.


So I do the next best thing; I buy Husky Compactor Bags for $17.99 for fifty bags. It’s a reasonable price and the bags are thicker than the Simplehuman version. You do have to pull a little bit to fit it over the rim at top but it stays put and comes off very easy.  The price fluctuates from time to time but should be under $20.  If you’re not in a rush the $17.99 price comes and goes.

So if you’re a Simplehuman trash can owner and you need Q bags check out the Husky Compactor Bags available on Amazon.

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