Simplehuman K Liner Alternative – Plasticplace Trash Bags – 13 Gallon – Codes K – M – N – P Compatible

An inexpensive bag and liner that fits Simplehuman Q, K, M, N, P sized pails.

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Simplehuman K Liner Alternative

Once again I fell into the trap of buying a Simplehuman trash can but unfortunately it was a different size than my Simplehuman Q bin in the kitchen.  The quality of these Simplehuman trash cans are too good to pass up but the cost to buy the Simplehuman bags/liners is ridiculous.

Luckily I found a cheaper  alternative for the Simplehuman K liner.  The K liner made by PlasticPlace is a damn good alternative to buying the legit Simplehuman bags.  For the cost of 100 Simplehuman bags you get 200 liners in this deal.  That translates to 50% savings on the price per bag.  According to the PlasticPlace website the bag is three inches longer than it needs to be but it isn’t a bad thing.  When my bag starts to get filled I lift it up and continue filling it.  But if I just want to empty my garbage I don’t mind since I’m paying half what I was paying for liners.

To buy 240 Simplehuman K liners it costs $79.99.  The one thing I will say is that the Simplehuman bags are thicker.  I don’t throw too many sharp things in my garbage and if I do I’m not just throwing it in the garbage.  I have seen the Simplehuman bags tear just as easy as any other bags so it’s not foolproof.  These bags made by PlasticPlace are 1.0 mil thick and in my opinion are a little less durable.  The do make a 1.2 mil version of this bag that will give you a closer match to the real thing and you can check it out if you want.  I’d rather save the money since we’re technically throwing money away anyway.

Another interesting thing is that these liners also fit other sizes.  These bags fit Simplehuman Q, Simplehuman M, Simplehuman N, and Simplehuman P sized pails.  So if you decide to buy another Simplehuman garbage pail you can shop accordingly and use these bags for every pail you own.


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