Husqvarna 240 2HP Chainsaw, 952802154 (16-Inch)

I think it is important to note that not only did this Husqvarna 240 Chainsaw work as described and expected, it truly exceeded my expectations.

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Husqvarna 240

2HP Chainsaw Model 952802154

First, I feel it is important to give a little back story to the reason that I had elected to buy any chainsaw at all so that you can fully appreciate the review I’m providing. I am not new to chainsaw use, but usually I’ve just used whatever was available at the job site at which I was working. I have used a large array of chainsaws but never really done that much research on the different types and qualifications. I find that for smaller individuals, it’s really important for to use a chainsaw (or any other tool) that is both powerful and lightweight.

Recently, I had a tree company come by the house and fell two trees on the property. While they charged us very little, they did not remove much of the debris. Bearing this in mind I had inquired with my neighbor if I could borrow her chainsaw to cut some of the bigger bits into more manageable components so they could be easily split for firewood, re-purposed for furniture, or prepared to be mulched for later use. She agreed, but informed me that her chainsaw was rather old and had seen quite a few miles. I engaged with the sawing endeavor, however the chainsaw that I had borrowed bit the dust, literally and figuratively, shortly into the process. I had made maybe five or six cuts (she wasn’t upset that I had killed it, just sad that it had died in general).

At this point I decided though I have never owned a chainsaw myself it was high time to roll up my sleeves, do the research, and obtain something that would suit my needs as well as my budget. The first thing I did was give a verbal poll to my friends in the remodeling industry. Overwhelmingly (9 out of 13) said my best bet would be a Husqvarna. The remaining four said Stihl (3)and DeWalt (1). None of my friends recommended any other brands, which I found very interesting. Moving on, I have never been particularly interested in brand names, so while I researched over 30 different chainsaws, I took into account the statements of my friends. I focused heavily on Husqvarna (imagine my surprise when I discovered it wasn’t spelled “huskvarna” – good news is that I still found it easily by speaking the name aloud in my phone search), Stihl, and DeWalt. Just so you know, if you search “chainsaw” on Amazon, it comes back with over 800 items.

husqvarna 240 review

The reviews for all three brands were relatively high, but Husqvarna overwhelmingly had the highest number of good reviews and the lowest number of bad reviews. Further, the individuals reviewing the Husqvarna items seemed to provide at least a little more detail than others. While I can’t begin to imagine the end implications of that scenario, I found it useful. To be fair, I’m not a power hound. No “Tim the Toolman Taylor” here. I just wanted something lightweight, durable, and relatively powerful. After I had gone to some local specialty shops to actually hold a variety of chainsaws in my own two hands to get a feel for a weight I preferred, I decided that something in the 2ish horsepower (HP) range should be able to give me all the power I’d need to cut through the remaining lumber as well as not throw out my back while hefting it.

Basing my decision on a combination of in-person comparison, friendly advice, user reviews, and product specifications has really paid out. Doing online comparison shopping also didn’t hurt matters any. Many of the local shops in my area (Marion, NC) tend to charge much more than online competitors (I suppose because chainsaws take up more shelf space, but don’t quote me on that). I finally decided on the Husqvarna 240 2 HP Chainsaw, 952802154 (16-Inch), which I purchased from Amazon for only 207.99 (AND FREE SHIPPING!). I will say that the only thing about the experience that upset me a little is that the chainsaw came in only it’s own packaging and no signature was required. The item itself was sitting in its box on my front porch for God and Everyone to see and think about lifting. Also, had this been a gift it would have totally ruined the surprise.

Bearing all of that in mind, I recently tried out my shiny, new Husqvarna 240 chainsaw on the tree bits in the back yard.  It helped me make quick work of it as I sliced and diced to perfection. I wouldn’t say it was like slicing butter with a hot knife (because that’s just an improper metaphor for this conversation), it was surely like slicing grass with scythe. Using the Husqvarna 240 is something I can easily describe as “very smooth” (like Carlos Santana), and as far as chainsaws go, pretty easy. While all chainsaws tend to be a bit noisy, it seems this one quieter than most, though I still recommend ear plugs and appropriate safety gear while in use.

I think it is also important to note that not only did this product work as described and expected, it truly exceeded my expectations. While the wood I cut does have to cure for a year, it only took me a few hours to pile up enough for all of next year and maybe the year after (using the smaller bits). I think I’ll be able to get four end-table tops from the trunk section that I sliced, depending on how nicely they cure. Both the front and back trees were 50-70 feet tall, though I didn’t obtain specific measurements of them before chopping them up. While I have not worked on the tree leftovers in the front yard because we had a rather sizable snow recently and it was just too cold for me to do that outside work, I look forward to it when the weather warms some – maybe late February.

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