Baby Bath Tub Buying Guide

Baby Bath Tub Buying Guide

Baby Bath Tub Buying Guide

Before buying your first baby bath tub for your newborn, you should be familiar with the different types of tubs on the market. Here is the breakdown.

Convertible Baby Bath Tub

This type of tub is the best baby bath tub if you need something that will grow with your child. It is not only suitable for newborns but for toddlers and infants as well.

If you are trying to save money this is a good choice. It can even be configured to various positions to give your child the comfort they need as they grow. In such a case, you will not have difficulty in bathing your child regardless of his or her size.

You may convert it to a larger baby bathtub as your infant grows up. Many families consider this type of bathtub especially those with multiple children of various ages. You may use this type of bathtub for ages zero to three years old.

Standard Plastic Baby Bath Tub

The first type of baby bath tub you can find is made of plastic. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry if this type of tub is safe to use since the plastic types today are low in toxicity and will not be harmful to children.

This is the best bathtub for babies if you are opting for simplicity. It is very easy to use and lightweight at the same time. This means that families with limited space may also consider this the best newborn bathtub since you may bathe your child anywhere possible. You can simply use it in the shower, bathtub, or sink.

Normally, this type of bathtub has a contour that will keep babies comfortable even if they cannot sit yet. By age bracket, it is applicable for zero to 24 months old.

Hammock Baby Bath Tub

Among the baby bath tub reviews, you will also find this type of product as an option. Since your child cannot support his or her body yet, this type of tub will make it easier for you to wash and hold up your infant.

The materials being used in this type of bath tub are comfortable and soft. Did you know that you may also add this to a standard plastic baby bathtub as an accessory? You simply add the hammock to the tub for added security and comfort.

Other types of this bathtub are slings and bath seats.

Fold Up Tub

From the name itself, you can expect this tub to collapse into a smaller size for storage. Obviously you need to empty the water first before it can shrink down to a fraction of its original size. You can store it in a drawer or a cabinet.

Compared to regular bathtubs, these tubs are usually smaller. This is also a great alternative if you will travel with your kid.

Cushion Bath Tub

These type of tubs are usually made as additions for your current tub for comfort reasons. Most of the cushion tubs for sale are bathtub but an accessory for washing the body of your child. It is an option if you bought a bathtub and want to improve your experience as opposed to buying a new baby tub.

The cushion bath tub works by providing a layer between your baby and the baby bath tub. You will be able to wash your baby more effectively and conveniently.

You will be able to use this with a real bathtub. It is good for children zero to two years old.

Bucket Bath Tubs

These bathtubs are designed so your child will be more upright. Instead of the normal laying-down position of your baby, the bathtub promotes a sit-in type of bathing.

Your baby may be more comfortable sitting than lying down. This kind of bathtub is not suitable for older children. You may also find it difficult to reach some of your baby’s body parts for cleaning.

Most of these type of tubs are made of plastic and are very durable

Inflatable Baby Bath Tub

Inflatable bath tubs are very popular especially that you no longer have to worry about storage space. Instead, it will take up a small place in your cabinet. Usually the item arrives flat and you just need to fill it with air when you’re ready for bath time.

If you travel often, this is the type of bathtub is a great option for vacations or road trips.

These bath tubs are usually pretty cheap compared to molded type bath tubs but its durability is just as good as hard plastic. You just need to take care of the tub when not in use as to not puncture the plastic. You will find that an inflatable bath tub is cost-effective and long-lasting at the same time.

Luxury Baby Bath Tub

These bath tubs are new to the market in an attempt to satisfy the parents looking to spoil their newborn with the best available. Most of these tubs are high priced but come with extra features your normal baby bath tub won’t have. Some features include battery powered options to create bubbles and swirl water while bathing your baby.

With some tubs you may also get a mini shower nozzle to rinse your infant during their bath.

What to Look for When Buying a Baby Bath Tub

If you are looking for the best baby tub you should also focus on evaluating the overall quality of whats available. There are some basic features you should look for in a baby bath tub while you are researching which one to buy.

Suitable for a Large Age Range

It is a good idea to pick a product that will give you no problems as your infant starts to grow. There may be standard bathtubs available but you may find these bath tubs too small for your child as they become toddlers.

One good example is a hammock or convertible tub. You may use the attachments that come with it to configure the size of the bathtub regardless of your baby’s size.

There are also bathtubs that come with inserts you can remove if your baby needs more space to splash or sit up. The bathtub should have a gentle incline that will put your child in an upright position comfortably.

Temperature Gauge

There are already bathtubs for infants that are designed with a strip or drain plug that will indicate the temperature of the water. You will be able to protect your baby from bathing in extremely hot or cold water which is very convenient.

Although you could purchase a temperature gauge separately, you will save more if it comes with the tub. According to most experts, you should ensure that the water temperature for your child’s bath is always below 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sufficient Water Capacity

You need to find a baby bathtub that can hold enough water for your infant. If you buy a bath tub that is too shallow you will find it hard to give your baby a bath properly.

Do not compromise the water capacity of your baby’s bathtub if you are considering convenience of storage.  You will regret the convenience of being able to store the tub in small places in comparison to the struggle to give your baby a bath easily.

Proper Size

You should avoid buying a baby bathtub that is way too big for your child causing them to slide around unexpectedly. This will increase the risk of drowning or injury. However, you cannot purchase a tub that is too small as well. It will only cause difficulty when cleaning him or her properly.

When selecting a tub, always consider the recommended size of tub given by your baby’s pediatrician. It is commonplace for a manufacturer to include size guidelines for its buyers depending on age.

You may want to look at bathtubs that have removeable stages so you can use your baby bath tub with your infant and toddlers.   These removeable stages restrict water capacity as well as position of your child for safe bathing.

Things to Consider

This may be your first time looking for the best infant bath tub, you should consider where you plan to give your child a bath before buying.

Can Fit in a Sink

Its tedious to use a bathtub that has to be filled without the aid of a sink or bath tub spout. If your baby’s bathtub can sit over or in a sink, it will be easier to fill and drain at the same time. There are bathtubs that can fit in either single or double sinks.

You can even find bathtubs that sit over most general types of sinks. In case your selected bathtub is way too big for your sink, you need to locate a flat surface to wash your child such as the bath tub or counter top.

Non-Skid Surface

To promote the safety of your child, you should never purchase a bathtub that is too slippery. This may increase the risk of hurting your child. Although cushions can be alternatives, you have to take caution for babies can bite at the material.

It is also best to pair the non-skid surface of your baby’s bathtub with an overhanging rim that will not hurt your child. This type of component will make the bathing accessory easier to carry and pick up. However, never move the tub while your baby is inside.

Drain and Plug

You will find most bathtubs drain on the walls or base. Most drains still leave a little amount of water in the bath tub and when most of the water is drained you should turn the bath tub upside down to dry after rinsing.

Ease of Drying

You also have to look for a bathtub that is very easy to dry. Remember that you will wash your child more than once a day on occasion. This is why the baby bathtub should always be ready and clean. There is a possibility of mildew and mold growth if you leave the material damp.

There are accessories for bathtubs that can hold or collect water. Be sure to inspect cloth items for mildew or mold as well as any toys your baby may play with.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

It is also ideal to find a bathtub that is not difficult to clean. There are products today that have reduced number of crevices. These types of tubs make post bath time much more enjoyable for you saving you time to do other things around the house.

Usage and Safety Tips

Even if you found the best baby bath tub on the market it is necessary to know how to use it properly. Your child will have the best bath if he or she is extremely comfortable and safe at the same time.

Learn When to Start Giving Baths

There is a proper time to start giving your baby a bath and use that baby bath tub you purchased or received as a gift. You cannot simply use it right away unless his or her umbilical cord has fallen off. If your child has been circumcised, let him heal first before starting baths.

You simply need to follow the instructions that came with your baby’s bath tub. If there are slings, check how the attachments work. Never just use a bath accessory without reading the instructions first.

How Often to Give Your Baby a Bath

You do not necessarily have to use your baby bath tub every day, especially if your child is still young. Even if you ask your pediatrician, babies under two to three weeks do not need bathtubs yet.

If your baby is old enough to use a bathtub, you should do so only two to three times each week. Washing your baby too frequently may cause problems, such as dry skin.

If you are not certain about how often to give your baby a bath please as your peditrician beforehand.

Find the Right Place for Bathing

It is necessary to pick a place that is safe for the bathtub. Select an area that is sturdy and stable. The baby bath tub should not move while washing your baby. It also must be sturdy enough to hold your baby and the tub filled with water.

Never place the bathtub in an area that may cause it to fall. Places near edges are not good options for the bath time. It is also important to have a space where you could easily move while washing your child.

Ensure that electric appliances and outlets are FAR from the tub.

How Much Water to Use When Giving Your Baby a Bath

Your baby will definitely enjoy bath time but you should not over or under fill the bath. According to experts, you should fill the tub only a couple of inches of water for newborns and infants.

Once your baby grows up and he or she can be washed while seated you can fill the water up to waist-level. Regardless of the water level, you should NEVER leave your baby unattended at any time It is also best to use a spout cover to prevent your child from hitting the faucet with their head.

Things to Remember

If you are a first-time parent, the task may daunt you a bit but things will be easier if you use common sense and read articles like this one on the internet. Once you have selected a bath tub you should also keep these things in mind.

Always Check the Water Temperature

After filling in the bathtub with water, you should ensure that the temperature is in the correct range. It is necessary to let your baby bathe in lukewarm water. It is ideal not to let the water temperature to rise more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are bathtubs that are equipped with temperature indicators. Color-changing strips may also perform the same task that you can stick to the outside or inside of the tub. It is necessary that the water is warm but not extremely hot.

As you are washing your baby, you should continue testing the temperature of the water. Once it starts to get cool you should end bath ime.

Do Not Leave Your Baby Unsupervised

You should never let your baby be alone in the tub. Newborns or even toddlers can drown in under an inch of water. Before bathing your child you should make sure that everything you need is accessible and within reach

For instance you need the a wash cloth, new diaper, drying towel, and soap/shampoo nearby. While washing your baby you should dedicate one hand for your baby’s support. It is always helpful if someone can help you with bath time in the early months of your baby’s bathing.

Do Not Use Bubble Baths

It is best not to use bubble baths while your baby is still young. Even if your baby’s umbilical cord has healed, some bathing soaps may cause skin irritation.

Wrap Up Your Baby After a Bath

Once your baby has taken a bath you should drain the water from the tub immediately. It is a good idea to wrap your baby in a soft clean towel so your baby doesn’t get cold. Then have a second towel to help dry your baby off once you are in the nursery or where ever you plant to put on a new diaper.

It is also best to clean bathing accessories right away to prevent mildew and mold growth.

You can use a mixture of water and soap to clean the bathtub and toys. You should prevent using harsh soaps or cleaners as these may come in contact with your infant when not properly rinsed.


With so many options available for your baby’s bath tub, you will definitely have no issue in finding one that is fits your needs. You can look through some of the top available products we reviewed here. Though there may be differences in features and designs, all of the bathtubs are suitable for comfort and safety of your child.

Your purchase choice will depend on your baby’s age and your standards as a parent. For instance, there are parents who prefer an inflatable bathtub as they always travel. On the other hand, there are parents that look for standard sink-compatible bathtubs.

Do not base your decision on price alone. Some of the most expensive bath tubs are poorly designed and just have features you will never use. When comparing bathtubs, prioritize your main goal – bathe your baby safely and effectively. - Honest Product - Honest Product Reviews