About Us

HereComesTheSunBlog.com is a blog dedicated to sharing my experiences using everyday products that I use.  Since I have kids I have started to blog about my experiences with my daughters diapers and how I contain them.  From here I will expand into other products that I use on a daily basis.  I hope to have this include outdoor items, gardening tools and other products, lawn care, homebrewing, video games and many of the other things I am into.

I also plan to post some other how to guides for computer repair and maintenance as this is another topic I am experienced in.

If you would like to see a certain product or genre of product reviewed, shoot me an email here. Or you can just email me at matt@herecomesthesunblog.com.

Hope you enjoy the site and decide to grow with us!


HereComesTheSunBlog.com - Honest Product ReviewsHereComesTheSunBlog.com - Honest Product Reviews