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Are you a blogger for another website and interested in writing an article for HereComesTheSunBlog.com? You’re welcome to submit your guest post for consideration to be published on our website.

To make sure that our website maintains a high level of integrity for our users, please follow these guidelines in the guest post:

  • 100% passed Copyscape – no duplicates……and I will do extensive research to fact check
  • I am interested in any product reviews, buying guides, tips or tricks, products hacks, or anything else a homeowner, parent, or just a regular person will find insightful.  I do not want anything about entertainment or politics.
  • Minimum 1000 words

Email your guest post to matt@herecomesthesunblog.com and we will discuss how we will proceed in publishing your content or if you need some revisions.  In the email, please provide the following info:

  • Your brief bio/experience regarding the topic you wrote about
  • The website you are representing (I’d like to know who I am working with)
  • Previous Guest Posts you have done.

I look forward to working with the many guest bloggers that are out there.  If you are a blog owner and would like me to write a guest post for some extra high value content please email me at matt@herecomesthesunblog.com

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